About Chika Wonah

Chika Wonah is an experienced information security professional based in Washington, D.C. He has experience in multiple industries, including Finance, Consumer Packaged Goods, Gaming, Hospitality and Entertainment, and Automated Retail. Over the course of his career, Chika has established himself as a visionary and thought leader with a proven track record of successfully helping these industries protect their assets and information from cyber crime, while overcoming their challenges and meeting their objectives.

Chika enjoys helping these institutions put best-in-class protection in place to effectively fight against cybercrime. The process requires a deep understanding of the risk profile in an organization and a sound ability to build out the risk metrics and finding ways to mitigate these risks.

Chika Wonah’s work in cyber security has allowed him to gain a deep understanding of how technology drives business and also brings about new risks. He enjoys learning about these new technologies and uncovering how businesses can leverage these new technologies while mitigating the associated risks. Chika Wonah is particularly interested in E-commerce, Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Things.